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04 September 2004 @ 01:32 pm
So...after much decision making, i have decided to go Friends Only...If you want, comment to this entry and i'll add you. =)

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25 August 2004 @ 11:50 am
So last night i had a dream that i pierced my tongue. It was intersting, mainly because it seemed so real. I thought my mom was gonna kill me, so i kept trying to hide it from her and i was paranoid it was going to come out and things like that. haha.

asleia Go look at what the date on Saturday was!! :\ 6 months! !!!!!!
I You!!!!!
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23 August 2004 @ 12:44 am
Man, i'm so giddy right now...it's just plain ridiculous. i love it

Lew45459: lol
Lew45459: make them smaller then they already are>?
Brad: yes
Brad: i've never seen them
Lew45459: physically impossible
Brad: so i dont know how small they r
Brad: LOL
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17 August 2004 @ 03:52 pm
This is mainly for cynical_terror and undrockroll but i just got some spam e-mail with the subject line

Can't Afford Orlando? Think Again At $29 A Night

you're in luck. ;)
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17 August 2004 @ 01:16 pm
This song is so horrible...

I watched Twister this morning with my brother. I haven't watched that movie in so long. Haha it's so fantastic. I was just sitting on the couch and i go "i feel like watching....Twister" and he's just like "you're so random"


i need to get dressed
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16 August 2004 @ 10:15 pm
Ok i REALLY just wanna kick Ian's ass...RIGHT NOW!

First of all, the jackass doesn't know SHIT about swimming or Michael Phelps so he can just back off. He has this in his profile.

Career medal counts:
Ian Thorpe- 5 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze

Pieter van der hoogenband- 2 gold, 1 silver, 0 bronze

Michael Phelps- 1 gold, 0 silver, 2 bronze

wow, phelps really is the greatest swimmer of all time. sure, he can talk shit to swimmers from guam but when it comes time to put his money where his mouth is against the big fish, hes simply overmatched. oh and phelps- quit blaming your teammates for your lack of skill, okay? its just sad, youve already completely humiliated our country. dont put salt on the wounds. its nice though, i mean, not only will phelps have no chance at catching spitz but, according to bob costas, phelps is really only in contention for one more gold. wow. two gold medals out of 8. im moving to canada.

Seriously, Ian...get a life! Michael Phelps is 19! He's swimming a total of 18 times this whole freaking Olympics! I doubt we're going to see you up there playing tennis are we? or baseball? no...we're not! sorry! And I'm sorry that Ian Thorpe is like 25 and has had more experience than Phelps. They're both amazing swimmers and you should just stop talking shit because you don't know JACK! The competition in his races is insane, full of amazing swimmers. Phelps has a HUGE respect for Thorpe and Van Den Hoogenband. And he said "I came in here wanting one, and now i'm having fun." referring to a gold medal, and with that gold medal he broke a world record. so eat shit you little jackass. Shove it up your ass. You piss me off.
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15 August 2004 @ 11:48 pm
I'm watching Gymnastics on the Olympics and some chick did her Floor Routine to a song from the POTC Soundtrack, i heard it in the background. Haha.

I was listening to "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera tonight and i was actually listening to it hard, and it's so meaningful. I think a lot more so than people give her credit for. Especially for me. I don't know.

Had another awesome talk with Johanna tonight.

Earlier today i saw a Subway commercial promoting little kids to lose weight...wtf
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First J-Lo song ever...how old is this? haha

Went and saw Little Black Book with Jill and Kate today. It was really good. I am in love with Holly Hunter. Ever since i saw her in Thirteen...she blows me away all the time. She's phenomenal.

Caitlin gave me my birthday card yesterday. It's totally awesome. It's a Strawberry Shortcake card with smelly Strawberry Shortcake stickers inside. mmm

Played this crazy fun video game with my brother today.

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15 August 2004 @ 12:02 pm
Took this from metal_mummy

Crazy Celeb FamilyCollapse )

Talk about opposite parents...Meryl Streep and Ben Stiller?! I mean seriously...how random. Clay Aiken as my brother, i hope he's not my blood brother because there would definitley have to be some incest going on there...i mean what? Ok Britney Spears as my sister would probably put me in jail cuz i'd go crazy and do something to her...i don't know. Shilo...not bad. i guess. Eric Bana as my boyfriend...well...i guess that's ok...i guess...and Drew Barrymore as my best friend? rock on! haha
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15 August 2004 @ 01:37 am
Kelley...when Johnny Depp asks you to prom...you do not say 'no'